Last Update: 24/04/2024

Browsing Guide

This Electronic Headquarters has been created by the Ministry of Health to enable citizens to gain access to a number of online services provided by the ministry.

This Browsing Guide explains the structure used for presenting information on this website.

Electronic Headquarters Structure

The homepage consists of:

Selecting any option from the homepage takes you to a primary level of information, which in turn might lead to further levels of information or provide links to other web addresses related to the content (always in a new window).

The Internet portal of this ministry can always be accessed by clicking the institutional logo and the Electronic Headquarters homepage can always be reached by clicking on the header text The browsing path taken to the current page (breadcrumbs) is always displayed in the upper section of the content on browsed pages or web results.

The e-Office provides content and services in a number of different languages. The website can be accessed in Castilian and the co-official languages of Spain (Catalan, Galician and Basque), as well as in English and French as foreign languages. The language selection menu can be found in the upper-left section of the header. In order to view the version of the Electronic Headquarters in a language other than Castilian (the default language), users should click on the word “welcome” in the corresponding language.

Administrative Procedures provides access to the list of e-services available. In addition, access to a number of highlighted services can be gained via the Citizens, Professionals and Administration sections on the homepage (following a user profile-based classification).

The detailed structure of the Electronic Headquarters - from which it is possible to access all of the various sections - can be found here:

Link to the Site Map